Fatima Group Jobs Admin Officer

Fatima Group Jobs Admin Officer:

Fatima Group is hiring for Admin Officer at Pakarab Plant Site Multan .

Job Requirements:

  • Bachelors degree in Management
  • MBA preferred with a minimum of 5 to 8 years of relevant experience with emphasis on Office Administration Management

Job Title Admin Officer
Location None,PK
Organization Name Admin Plant – PFL

Department Description

Administrative officer is responsible for day to day task management within an organization. This role requires multitasking across a range of responsibilities which include scheduling, management of departmental budget, receiving or forwarding communications, and effective administration at the plant and township for safe, efficient and coherent operations. Administrative officer may also be responsible for event planning and organization, as well as serving as a greeter for incoming clients. The position operates within guidelines as stipulated by Pakarab Fertilizer SOPs, departmental Policies, Government Regulations and Managements directions.

Brief Description

  • Organizing and managing schedules and calendars for staff, managers, and senior level officers
  • Receiving and processing communication channels, including email, phone, and physical mail
  • Conferring with finance department to help make payments, process incoming invoices, and verify receipts
  • Ensure functionality of necessary office equipment, and requisitioning new equipment and supplies as needed
  • Creating reports and memos for managers and senior level officers as needed
  • Offer assistance in organizing events, including ordering materials and requisitioning meeting spaces
  • Attend meetings and record notes and messages for managers and senior level officers
  • Administrative management of canteen, clinic and market.
  • Ensure smooth boarding, lodging of employees, guest and VSMs
  • Effective handling of all matters related to protocol and transport to be extended to company guests, employees VSM

Detailed Description

  • Strong administration, Communication and interpersonal Skills
  • Capability to manage conflict and change effectively
  • Good analytical and reasoning capabilities
  • Efficient time management skills
  • Ability to act with discretion and treat confidential information appropriately
  • Able to prioritize and handle several different tasks at the same time
  • Effective followup and coordination Skills
  • Customer facilitation


Fatima Group Jobs Admin Officer