The City School Jobs Manager Admin Operations

The City School Jobs Manager Admin Operations :

The City School is looking to fill out the position of Manager Admin Operations in Islamabad. Interested candidates may apply through the following email address.

Apply Now : [email protected]


  • Ensure that appropriate safety and security measures are taken, reviewed and improved from time to time in all rented/own schools and regional office.
  • Ensure that strength of security staff at all locations as per dictates of ground and security situation and strength of staff/students.
  • Assistance in quality assurance processes of civil work and finalization of contract deeds in coordination with D&C, school, or network partner for repair and maintenance, uplift or renovation.
  • Respond to the call for assistance from any school in routine or any untoward incident related to building, electric supply, water supply, drainage or any other, as and when required.
  • Coordination and support the network/school in hiring and renting or purchasing appropriate buildings/land and finalization of contract agreement, rent deeds/termination of deeds, and /or renewal of deeds.
  • Support school and network partner in floor planning for additional rooms, school expansion, relocation, readjustment, merger, segregation and landlord complaints.
  • Provide assistance in move plans of school trips
  • Coordination and support in resolving issues involving any developing authority, electric supply, NHA, security agencies or any other government agency
  • Take up assignments as directed by the HOD.
  • Policy adherence and implementation of all departmental policies, procedures and controls covering all areas of administration.
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The City School Jobs Manager Admin Operations