Nextbridge Pvt Ltd Jobs MERN Stack Engineers

Nextbridge Pvt Ltd Jobs MERN Stack Engineers:

Nextbridge Pvt Ltd immediately requires 3 x MERN Stack Engineers in Lahore and Islamabad based offices.

Interested candidates can send their resume at [email protected]/ [email protected]


A suitable candidate for this role would be:
1)Holding a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in CS/IT/Software Engineering from HEC recognized university.
2) Possessing excellent English communication skills
3) Having at least 1+ years of hands-on experience in developing web based projects from scratch using Node.js for backend development.
4) Experience using React (ideally) for front end development.
5) Good understanding of JavaScript/Type Script, its quirks, and workarounds
6) Core Web Development Fundamentals: HTML, CSS, CSS pre-compilers like Sass and Less
7) Skills in one or more chosen frameworks/libraries like jQuery or Bootstrap
8) Good understanding of Single Page Applications, Asynchronous Request Handling, Partial Page Updates, and AJAX
9)Familiarity with JavaScript module loaders along with task runners such as Grunt/Gulp/Webpack
10) Knowledge of RDBMS and NoSQL

Nextbridge Pvt Ltd Jobs MERN Stack Engineers