Nextbridge Pvt Ltd Jobs 2 x Node.js Engineers

Nextbridge Pvt Ltd Jobs 2 x Node.js Engineers:

Nextbridge Pvt Ltd immediately requires 2 x Node.js Engineers in Johar Town, Lahore based offices.

Interested Candidates can send their resumes at [email protected]


A suitable candidate for this role would be:
-Holding a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in CS/IT/Software Engineering from HEC recognized university.
-Possessing excellent English communication skills
-Having at-least 2+ years of hands-on experience in developing web based projects from scratch using Node.js for backend development.
-Experinence using React (ideally) and or Angular, Vue for front end development.
-Good understanding of JavaScript/Type Script, its quirks, and workarounds
-Core Web Development Fundamentals: HTML, CSS, CSS pre-compilers like Sass and Less
-Skills in one or more chosen frameworks/libraries like jQuery or Bootstrap
-Good understanding of Single Page Applications, Asynchronous Request Handling, Partial Page Updates, and AJAX
-Familiarity with JavaScript module loaders along with task runners such as Grunt/Gulp/Webpack
-Knowledge of RDBMS and NoSQL

Nextbridge Pvt Ltd Jobs 2 x Node.js Engineers