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ARCO Plastics Jobs Deputy Manager Finance

ARCO Plastics Jobs Deputy Manager Finance:

Arco plastics is looking for “Deputy Manager Finance” at plant office in Sundar Industrial Estate, Lahore.

Job description:

  1. Perform financial planning on monthly basis to assess company’s fund and non-fund-based needs.
  2. Liaison with banks / non-financial institutions for approval / renewal of financial limits and / or leasing arrangements along with necessary documentation
  3. Perform feasibility assessment for financial limits of more banks / non-financial institutions that can be added to company’s financial portal
  4. Fulfill Security & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) formalities for mortgage and negotiate vacation and creation charges
  5. Prepare and discuss with Head Accounts and Finance the projected financial statements of company and/or feasibility studies of new projects as and when required by Management, Banks, financial & non-financial institutions
  6. Use hedging to mitigate financial risks related to the interest rates on the company’s borrowings, as well as on its foreign exchange positions (if required)
  7. Liaison with concerned department to obtain plan for Import document release
  8. Liaison with banks to ensure timely release of import documents and forward clearing agent for further process
  9. Build effective relationship with banks
  10. Maintain healthy relationship with all financial institutions
  11. Perform aging analysis of accounts receivables on quarterly basis, monitor percentage of aged accounts and present report to Head Accounts and Finance/Top Management
  12. Liaison with banks to obtain banks statement on daily basis
  13. Acquiring bank advices against adjustments in bank accounts from corporate office/banks on daily basis
  14. Prepare bank reconciliation statements and present report to Head Accounts and Finance
  15. Ensure accurate and on time completion of posting in ERP with respect to receipts and report to Head Accounts and Finance on daily basis
  16. Assist Head Accounts & Finance during external audits and provide required reports and data in the best interest of the company
  17. Finalize L/C cost sheets and incorporate in books on ongoing basis
  18. Responsible for all L/C documentation and correspondence with Banks
  19. Deal with clearing agents and ensure delivery of material in effective manner

Knowledge / Abilities & Qualification:

Technical knowledge and skills of Finance Administration
Sharp Quantitative & Analytical Skills
Decision Quality & Problem-Solving Skills
Initiative, Achievement & Result Orientation
Strategic & Logical thinking
Team Development & Leadership
Accountability (self & others)
ACMA, ACCA, MBA (ACF), or equivalent qualification
08 – 10 years’ experience

Interested candidates should apply at [email protected]

ARCO Plastics Jobs Deputy Manager Finance