Kazim Trust Jobs April 2021

Kazim Trust Jobs April 2021:

Kazim Trust is a non-profit organization that empower children and adults suffering with ADHD and Learning Difficulties to succeed academically, professionally and socially in their lives. We are looking for the deserving candidates in the following roles to help execute a drone project for the beach goers in Sandspit Beach Area, Karachi as a social cause.

Project Manager:

Candidate should preferably have experience in managing projects in avionics, drones or aircraft design with an understanding of aeronautical/aerospace standards, rules and regulations of Pakistan. The candidate will be responsible for shortlisting the vendor for drone procurement, setting up the infrastructure for the project at the provided location.

Project Coordinator:

Candidate should have knowledge of protocols & procedures to obtain approvals from govt. authorities and relevant agencies for the project and must stay up to date with the changing polices and regulation related to the project.

Ex-Navy, Army Aviation or Airforce personnel with service in project related to drones or aviation are also encouraged to apply. Candidates having the mentioned

Characteristics should send their profiles on: [email protected] by 18th April, 2021.

Published Date: 11 April 2021
Newspaper Name: Dawn

Kazim Trust Jobs April 2021