Oppo Mobile Technology Jobs Media Manager

Oppo Mobile Technology Jobs Media Manager:

Oppo Mobile Technology is looking for a Media Manager. Interested candidates can share their resumes at [email protected] with mention the Media Manager in the subject line.


  1. According to the advantages and characteristics of the PK media platform, formulate Internet distribution strategies;
  2. Cooperate with project promotion needs, be responsible for formulating promotion plans, implementation and evaluation of launch effects to ensure the maximization of promotion effects;
  3. Responsible for the layout of PK high-quality resources and support the promotion of PK brand and products;
  4. Formulate and manage PK advertising policies and monitor the effect of media delivery;
  5. Explore and excavate the resources of excellent external suppliers, and achieve high-quality presentation of marketing promotion while controlling cost goals.

Experience: 3-5 years
Age: 25-30

Oppo Mobile Technology Jobs Media Manager