Mezan Group Jobs Agronomist

Mezan Group Jobs Agronomist:

We are looking for “Agronomist” for our agriculture project that is linked to dairy farm.

Must have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Agriculture Sciences or a related field.

Minimum three (3) years of relevant experience with corporate agriculture farm(s).

Candidates having experience in cultivating feeding crops for Holstein Friesian cattle will be preferred.

Job duties and responsibilities:

· Ensure accurate knowledge or reliable referrals to make recommendations to growers to achieve efficient crop production.
· Manage field trials, plant physiology and irrigation practices.
· Scout customer fields for weed, insects, disease and nutrition issues.
· Ensure that application of seeding, fertility and pesticide occurs when weather conditions are optimal.
· Gather, compile, analyze and interpret test results and prepare progress reports.
· Document field evaluation of seed, chemical, specialty products and fertilizers.
· Assist with agronomic budgeting and cost monitoring.
· Interact with suppliers, applicators and agronomy laboratories.
· Remain up to date on crop nutrition and protection technology.

Job location: Pattoki, Kasur District, Punjab.

Salary Range: PKR 80,000/- to PKR 100,000/- per month with standard benefits and company-provided accommodation.

Interested candidates fulfilling above criteria are encouraged to apply at [email protected]

Mezan Group Jobs Agronomist