Crescent Steel and Allied Products Ltd Jobs Senior Officer Taxation

Crescent Steel and Allied Products Ltd Jobs Senior Officer Taxation

Organization: Crescent Steel and Allied Products Ltd

We are inviting applications for the position of Senior Officer Taxation to join our Head Office located in Karachi.

Job Description:

  1. Assist in tax affairs of the Company and the group including outstanding refund status, appeals, proceedings and tax audits etc.
  2. Assist in development and updation of Corporate Tax Planning document.
  3. Ensure timely and accurate tax payments and regulatory filings to avoid penalties and timely implementation of regulatory changes in the ERP relating to tax.
  4. Prepare tax budget based on budgeted profit and loss account and CAPEX budget.
  5. Prepare tax disclosure note for the purpose of financial statements and yearly tax status disclosure note for incorporating in the Annual Report.
  6. Update management on legislations and industry practice covering income tax, sales tax and corporate law.
  7. Assist in preparation of provision for tax working and related information to external and internal auditors.
  8. Ensure timely and accurate payment of income tax (advance tax) including withholding income tax.
  9. Prepare monthly income tax, deferred tax, WPPF and WWF computations for the purpose of management accounts.
  10. Upload monthly and annual statements of withholding tax on the E-FBR web portal and E-file the Company’s annual income tax return.
  11. Prepare annual advance income tax estimate/quarterly self-payment, after adjustment of outstanding determined/assessed refunds and advise for obtaining exemption certificate.
  12. Prepare monthly reconciliation of ledger of Advance Income Tax deductions for imports, supplies, customers, banks, brokers, rental income and utilities with documentary evidence.
  13. Collect and update certificates and original income tax challans/CPRs from the persons collecting/deducting tax from Company’s income.
  14. Prepare withholding income tax challans/CPRs and dispatch them to the persons from whom tax is deducted/collected by the Company.
  15. Ensure timely payment of sales tax and supervise preparation, maintenance and reconciliation of input and output register of sales tax with general ledger and inventory.
  16. Respond to queries and notices from the tax authorities
  17. Coordinate internally with Finance and Control Department personnel for tax related queries.

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Crescent Steel and Allied Products Ltd Jobs Senior Officer Taxation